Community Meal Programs

  • The Beacon 

    The Beacon is a comprehensive day resource center for people who are experiencing homelessness in Dane County. The Beacon helps over 125 individuals a day, 365 days a year. 

    Through the services offered at The Beacon by staff and partner agencies, individuals have an opportunity for a better life. We are committed to offering services in an environment where people feel supported and are treated with dignity and respect.

  • Luke House 

    Luke House is a Community Meal Program in Madison.  Sacred Hearts serves at the Luke House on the 1st Tuesday of every month.  This is a great opportunity to donate, provide, or serve food for the needy.

    August 2021 will be the last time we serve a "to-go" meal at the Luke House.  Updated Food Donations are listed on the Sign-up Genius.  Please deliver food to Peggy Afable (608-235-1529) & Kitty Anderson (608-335-0723) in the parking lot behind the Parish Center, between 9am-9:45am on the Tuesday of our service date.  Please stay in your vehicle and hand the items to them or unlock a door and allow them to open a door and pickup the items from your vehicle. 

    STARTING IN SEPTEMBER:  We will move back to serving a warm meal in the Luke House, with the food donations you were used to before COVID.  Watch how easy it is to make the Luke House Casserole

    THANK YOU for helping others in need during this time!


    If serving, you are asked to be at the Luke House,  310 South Ingersoll Street , Madison, between 5-5:30pm on Tuesday. There may be a line outside, but as a helper you can come right inside. Clean-up should be done by 7:15pm.  Dinner is served from 5:45-6:30pm.
    If supplying food, make sure it is to the Parish Center by 9:45 am on the first Tuesday of the month.   Sacred Hearts supplies the exact same types of food for their night of service each month and Luke House staff is on hand to help us. 
    How Many People Needed: 14 onsite, 30+ to prepare/donate food
    Prior Knowledge Needed: None, you can just show up! If donating food, make sure to check the specifics of the item you are donating (for example: there is a specific Casserole Recipe)
    How do I sign up?  Use the Sign-up Genius HERE or contact Kitty Anderson at (608) 335-0723 or Peggy Afable at (608) 235-1529.  You can also call the Parish Office at 608-837-7381.